Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22nd Cultivating Kids Garden Day!

Today we were able to water, weed, harvest (a LOT!) and create our own little birdfeeder that the kids were able to take home!

First, we picked lots of beans and tomatoes

 Then, everybody worked on their cheerios-on-a-string! They are perfect for feeding the birds - and so easy!
 Hannah picked all kinds of beans

 Hannah, Tegan, and Elizabeth working on their birdfeeders!

 Rebecca and Tyler watering the marigolds!

 Our zinnias are looking radiant!

 A bumblebee stopped by to say hello!

 Sarah watered our mammoth sunflowers!

We picked so many tomatoes and beans, they filled the bucket to the brim!

We hope to see everyone again in a few weeks on Saturday, September 7th at 10AM! We'll hopefully be picking the carrots, weeding, and watering, too! See you then!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Garden Day - this Thursday, August 22nd!

We hope to see you this Thursday, August 22nd, from 10AM until 11AM! We'll be weeding, harvesting, watering a lot (it's been hot!) and doing a craft! Don't forget to wear lots of sunscreen as the weather is supposed to be beautiful (but hot!) and also your best digging-in-the-dirt clothing! Hope to see you on Thursday morning!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Now Donating our Fresh Produce to the St. Charles Children's Home!

Our garden is in full bloom - and giving us lots of cherry tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers! For the past months, we have been taking the produce to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. Recently, they let us know that although they very much appreciate our fresh veggies, they help to feed many people every day, whereas at the St. Charles Children's Home there are many less mouths to feed - which would mean our produce would make a much bigger difference! 
The St. Charles Children's Home was in agreement with us and so we've decided to give our produce to the Home each week. 

Hope to see you at Garden Day this Thursday morning to help us so gather the veggies to bring to the Children's Home! Thanks for everyone's continued support to the Cultivating Kids Garden Program!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Garden Day, August 8th!

This morning we had another garden day and though it looked like rain, we stayed dry! Today we picked weeds, harvested purple beans and cherry tomatoes, explored the garden, and painted garden gnomes! We'll see you next time on Thursday, August 22nd!

 Hannah's purple bean

 Sarah looking for beans!

 Zinnias looking gorgeous!

 More zinnias!

 Rebecca did a great job pulling lots of weeds for us today!

 Our cherry tomatoes are ripening!

Our marigolds are looking lovely, too!

 Rebecca painting her garden gnome.

 The cucumbers are getting bigger!

 Hannah demonstrating how tall the corn is growing!

 Logan painting his vampire gnome.

 Sadie and Chloe painting their gnomes.

 Our harvest for the day!

 Sadie's beautiful gnome!

 We found some bugs!

 Logan's finished vampire gnome!
 We found some mysterious insect eggs...

 Rebecca pulled up a serious weed!

Chloe's finished gnome!