Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22nd Cultivating Kids Garden Day!

Today we were able to water, weed, harvest (a LOT!) and create our own little birdfeeder that the kids were able to take home!

First, we picked lots of beans and tomatoes

 Then, everybody worked on their cheerios-on-a-string! They are perfect for feeding the birds - and so easy!
 Hannah picked all kinds of beans

 Hannah, Tegan, and Elizabeth working on their birdfeeders!

 Rebecca and Tyler watering the marigolds!

 Our zinnias are looking radiant!

 A bumblebee stopped by to say hello!

 Sarah watered our mammoth sunflowers!

We picked so many tomatoes and beans, they filled the bucket to the brim!

We hope to see everyone again in a few weeks on Saturday, September 7th at 10AM! We'll hopefully be picking the carrots, weeding, and watering, too! See you then!

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