Monday, August 19, 2013

Now Donating our Fresh Produce to the St. Charles Children's Home!

Our garden is in full bloom - and giving us lots of cherry tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers! For the past months, we have been taking the produce to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. Recently, they let us know that although they very much appreciate our fresh veggies, they help to feed many people every day, whereas at the St. Charles Children's Home there are many less mouths to feed - which would mean our produce would make a much bigger difference! 
The St. Charles Children's Home was in agreement with us and so we've decided to give our produce to the Home each week. 

Hope to see you at Garden Day this Thursday morning to help us so gather the veggies to bring to the Children's Home! Thanks for everyone's continued support to the Cultivating Kids Garden Program!

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