Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Garden on July 3

Tomato, (terracotta pot) cucumber (tan pot), The Three Sisters (corn, squash and pole beans above stone wall) all doing well! All the rain followed by warm, sunny weather really made the garden pop alive! The tomatoes seem to thrive on the patio with all the heat and sun despite the long days of rainy weather.
Come visit the garden and look for all the blooms (flower blossoms). Blossoms on tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, beans or zucchini, if pollinated properly, will turn into fruit!

 Cucumber, and The Three Sisters!

Cucurbits in pots and in the ground!
(click here to find out what cucubits are)


Pole beans and morning glory


 Three Sisters


Wax beans, dwarf sunflowers and nastrutiums

 The Garden!

 More garden...

 Nasturtium Bloom

The Children's Garden is coming along.
Hopefully we will be able to start harvesting 
food for the Salvation Army Food Pantry soon!  

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