Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stepping Stones!

Today in the garden we made and decorated cement stepping stones! Kids worked together to mix the cement, pour it into molds, letter and finish them with gems, glass and shells.

We also watered, watered, watered! The garden tends to dry out quickly in this beautiful summer weather so it really needed a good, deep watering! We pulled up lots of weeds too! Weeds in the path, weeds in the gravel and weeds where ever they were!

Kids were encouraged to find the two plants that bore fruit, which they did: tomato and cucumber. But they also found a third that previously escaped our notice: zucchini!

We asked the kids if they saw any insects in the garden. A bee, green fly and a dragon fly were spotted!

We were impressed with how all the kids worked together and were patient while going about all the tasks in the garden under a such a hot summer sun!




The Three Sisters!


Brenten mixing cement for the stepping stone molds.

Nick (left) and Brenton (right) mixing cement. Kids (back)
naming and decorating the stepping stones.

Discovering the zucchini!

Challenging folks to find the plants that are baring fruits!

Identifying a dragonfly.

Watering the Wax Beans!

The kids identified this as a "Common Baskettail" dragonfly.

Dragonfly hanging out in the children's garden!

Amidst the corn!

A group from Chamberlain School visiting the children's garden!

Kenzie facilitating the stone decorating.

Brenten sculpting a moon with the last of the cement mix.

Brenten and Kenzie enjoying a much deserved break!

Our awesome volunteers: Nick, Brenten and Kenzie!

Sophie looking for stuff to water.

 Kara and the cucumber and chives she planted back on the first garden day!

 Clair and the tomato and alyssum she planted on the first garden day!

Below are the stones we made in honor of the local businesses that generously donated to the children's garden!

Elks of Rochester, NH

City of Rochester, NH

Earthtenders of Farmington, NH

Lowe's of Rochester, NH

Studley's of Rochester, NH

Blue Seal of Rochester, NH

Home Depot of Rochester, NH

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