Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7th Garden Day!

We had a beautiful garden day today - perfect weather! We watered, weeded, checked out the compost, and harvested beans and tomatoes! Next time we may even be able to pick the carrots! See you then!

 The sunflowers are getting so large, they are starting to droop.

 This sunflower is just about ready to bloom!

 Rebecca, Hannah, and Sasha picking beans!

 A bright and small sunflower.

Lamb's ear in the petting garden!

 Rebecca weeded diligently today!

 Sasha and Hannah weeding the petting garden!

 More weeding!

 Watering the beans!

 The tomato plants have grown in exponentially!

 Cosmos looking lovely - or as Hannah called them today, the "gizmos"!

 Hannah watering the nasturtiums!

 The zinnias at the edge of the garden are looking brilliant.

 Watering the sunflowers!

Mammoth sunflowers - growing bigger than Rebecca!

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