Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday July 18th Garden Day!

We had so much gardening fun this morning! We harvested some peas, weeded a lot, and watered everything (several times!) We found a few interesting bugs and had a blast despite the heat.

 We found an aphid!

 We also spotted this beetle underneath a zucchini plant!

 Checking out the zucchini plants.

 Maxx found a whole bunch of blooming zinnias!

 Maxx did a wonderful job watering the garden!

 Chloe helped us pick a lot of weeds!

 We harvested some peas!

 Diana helped us water (the plants and the pavement!)

Can you spot the dragonfly that Maxx found?

We'll see you next time on Thursday, August 8th! We'll be doing a (really fun!) craft and lots of more gardening fun!

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