Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 27th Garden Day!

Although it was cloudy, we had a great turnout and there wasn't any rain - perfect weather for weeding, planting beans, and harvesting radishes! We also created our own mobiles for the garden!

 Allie and Adam planted lots of beans

 Owen found a mushroom growing in one of the pots!

 The morning glories grew back from last year

 Our radish harvest

 Squash and marigolds growing in harmony

 Ivy Lynn giving us her best gardening face

 Samantha showing us her garden mobile

 Nicholas made an awesome mobile, too!

 Fisher helped us pull some weeds

 Hannah, Isaac, and Kaylee working on their mobiles!

 Olivia working hard on her garden mobile

 Hannah's finished garden art!

 Fisher and Ashley digging in the dirt! 

Jack found a loooong root and shared it with us!

We hope to see you July 18th for our next Garden Day!


  1. Looks like fun was had by all! What great pictures!

  2. Thanks, Traci! It did go really well!