Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cultivating Kids 9th Garden Day: Glean and Clean

Gathering Pumpkins
Our biggest pumpkin!
Looking for ripe produce.
One giant cucumber!
The Harvest!
Ready to Garden!
Kara and Clair gathering beans and pumpkins.
Gathering President Tyler morning glory seeds.
Gathering President Tyler morning glory seeds.
Caiden looking for produce.
Watching mom collect seeds.
Sorting the harvest.
Emily watching the harvest sort.
Mexican Bean Beetle larvae?
The quiet spot in the garden!
Clair ready to garden.
Kara and the sunflowers.
This fellow looks like he's covered in lichen.
Clair and the sunflowers.
Kara and Clair in the corn patch.
The Harvest!
The Harvest!
Pumpkin and lots o' gourds!

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