Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our 8th Cultivating Kids Garden Day

Morning Glory Teepee and Pumpkin Vines
Pumpkin Vines

Morning Glories, Corn and Mammoth Sunflower 

Beneficial Bug House materials and the harvest

Noah searching for gourds with gloves to 
protect his hands from spines on the vine.

Willow looking for ripe corn on the cob!

 Jordan in the garden!

  Willow, Jordan, Claire and Kara in the garden.

 Willow, Jordan, Noah & Brian in the garden.

Noah and Brian hunting for ripe produce.

 Our grasshopper friend with the amputated front let. We found him again! Looks like he is eating well despite his injury.
Our harvest: wax beans, corn, cucumbers and lots o' gourds!
(Beneficial bug info in the background) 

Noah, Brian and Jordan making Beneficial Bug Houses to take home.

Ruby Queen Corn

  We spread the gourds (over 20) out to "cure" or toughen 
up their skins along the ramp in the children's room.

  Willow in the Morning Glory/Pole Bean Teepee.

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